Bluegrass Songs - Honeky cat

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Honeky cat

When I look back, boy I must have been green
Boppin' in the country fishin' in the stream
Lookin' for an answer tryin' to find a sign
Tell us all you city litghts honey I was blind
They said

 *  Get back Honky cat better get back to the woods
    Well I quit those days and my red neck away and
    Oh, this is gonna do me good

Well I read some books and I read some magazines
I know high class babies down in New Orleans
All the folks back home said I was a fool
They said believen' the Lord is the golden rule
You better

 ** Get back honky cat livin' in the city ain't where it's at
	It's like tryin' to find gold in a silver linin'
	It's like drivin' whisky home for a bottle of wine
They said
Stay at home boy you gotta chance the fun
Livin' in the city boy is gonna break your heart
How can you stay when your heart says no how can you stop
When your feet say go

	* Refrain
   ** Refrain
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