Bluegrass Songs - Head of the holler

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Head of the holler

Have you ever been to the head or the holler
That's where the big dogs romp and waller
The women there are long and lean 
And some I fear are apt to be mean

    Roll on, head out
    You'll like it there's no doubt
    There ain't no better place to be
    Than the head of the holler in Kentucky

The first time I went to the head of the holler
I wore a bow tie and a snow white collar
When daylight came, come crawlin' in
And the best thing I wore was a silly grin

  * Refrain

The next time I went to the head of the holler
I saw more moon that I culd swaller
I flew like a bird and a tryin to sing
Till I fell from a tree ane broke one wing

  * Refrain

Now my gal lives in the head of the holler
Her love shines like a silver dollar
She feeds me butter staight from the churn
And her maw and paw don't give a durn

  * Refrain

I'm a going back to the head of the holler
You can go too if you want to follow
But don't you fool with that gal of mine
I'll cut you down like a lonesome pine

  * Refrain

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