Bluegrass Songs - Going to see my baby

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Going to see my baby

I'm going to see my baby because I'm nearly crazy
I'm going to see my darling baby now
She's gone from me maybe, my curly hearded baby
But she will always keep a solemn vow

    My curly hearded baby she's gone from me now
    She's gone from my home in Tennessee
    Her love was like the sunshine her fact was like the roses
    She's gone oh she's gone now from me

She left me in the springtime although she was pining
Pining for the love that we had know
She was sweet as the sunshine that shone down from heaven
But now she's gone and left me all alone

  * Refrain

I had her as a baby young and sweet and lovely
But now she's living on a far off shore
She left me oh so lonely for her on earth I'm grieving
Some day we'll meet and never part no more

  * Refrain

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