Bluegrass Songs - Going like wildfire

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Going like wildfire

Your charms are closing in on my just like a prairie fire
It looks like very soon your gonna be my one desire
You really sold me with your smile and personality
You're giong like wildrfire with me

    Wildfire you're going like wildfire
    No matter where or how I've done, there you are
    Sweeping on and getting closer darling can't you see
    You're going like wildfire with me

When I took one first look at you I knew enough was said
Was like a brick wall tumbled down and hit me on the head
You've got me walking on a cloud I don't know A from Z
You're going like wildfire with me

  * Refrain

I've even gone along so far to think of rice and rings
To choose a honeymoon night the balls and all those things
They can't be very far ahead if only you'll agree
You're going wildfire with me

  * Refrain
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