Bluegrass Songs - Fallen eagle

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The fallen eagle

Singing the fallen eagle
Fill the copter smile
Chasing round the mountain
Chasing till they born
They say that it's just sporting
Shooting them on the wing
The world around 'em clatters
You can hear the mountains ring
Hear their song, it won't be long

Singing the western ranges
The eagle takes his land
He's got a thousand mothers
Hit off near the dam
Get up with the sunrise
Everybody gather around
Get in with the first shot
Ther're to bring you down
Down, down, crash on the ground

Singing the noble eagle
Help is on the way
The government team of experts
Is rusing to your aid
I know you're noe excited
An eagle is no way
Fly up to Canada
This country isn't sane
Anymore, that's for sure
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