Bluegrass Songs - Dreaming of a miners child

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Dream of a miner's child

A miner was leavin' his home for his work
When he heard his little child scream
He went to the side of the little one there
Oh, Daddy, I've had such a dream

    Oh, Daddy, don't go to the mines today
    For dreams have so often come true
    Oh, Daddy, dear Daddy, please don't go away
    I never could live without you

I dreamed that the mines were all blazing with fire
And the miners all fought for their lives
The families seemed changed, and the mouth of the mine
Was covered with sweetheart and wives

  * Refrain

Go down to the village and tell all your friends
As sure as the bright sun does shine
There's something that's going to happen today
Oh , Daddy, don't go to that mine

  * Refrain
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