Bluegrass Songs - Down where the river bends

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Down where the river bends

It's hard to keep the tear out of my eyes
For this might be our last goodbye
Your country calls you to defend this great land
So do your part just like a man

    Down where the river bends
    With God's help we'll meet again
    Under the same old sycamore tree
    Proud of each other in the land of the free

I'll go down to the ocean blue
And get just as close as I can to you
Though the ocean wide may keep us apart
It won't keep you dear from out of my heart

  * Refrain

If the worst should happen, and the poppies should wave
Over your far distant lonely grave
All the rest of my life I'll spend in rayer
I'll meet you in heaven, there'll be no warws there

  * Refrain
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