Bluegrass Songs - Dirty sishes blues

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Dirty sishes blues

I come in this morning a quarter past eight
Expecting her nagging for gettin home late
But she didn't scold me ro tell me it's wrong
For I didn't see her, my sweetheart was gone

    Dirty sishes, dirty dishes, I'm losing my mind
    My baby done left me and traveled behind
    And now I'm so lonely, and lonely I'll be
    With no one to wash all my dishes for me

A note on the table and here's how it read
Now, you've been cheatin' that's all that she said
I just stood there bawling, the tears were in vain
For now I know she'll never believe me again

  * Refrain

Now I never cheated, believe me it's true
Or broken a promise that I made to you
You'll never know just how happy I'll be
If you will come back and wash dishes for me

  * Refrain
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