Bluegrass Songs - Darling Corey

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Darling Corey

    Wake up, wake up, darling Corey
    What makes you sleep so sound
    The revenue officers are coming
    They're fonna tear your still-house down

Well the first time I seen darling Corey
She was sitting by the banks of the sea
Had a forty-four around her body
And a five-string on her knee

  * Refrain

Go away, go away darling Corey
Quit hanging around my bed
Your liquor has urined my body
Pretty women gone to my head

  * Refrain

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold damp ground
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
We're gonna lay darling Corey down

  * Refrain

Can't you hear them bluebirds a-singing
Don't you hear that mournful sound
They're preaching darling Corey's funeral
In some lonesome graveyard ground

  * Refrain

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