Bluegrass Songs - Darbys ram

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Darby's ram

    Wasn't he a big one boys
    Wasn't he a big one boys
    Wasn't he a big one boys
    Before they cut him down

This old ram he had a horn
It reached up to the moon
A man went up in January
And he never got back 'til June

Well the wool that growed on that ram's back
Reached up to the sky
Eagles built their nest in it
For I heard the young ones cry

 * Refrain

My daddy had a ol' buck sheep
And then you heard him say
One of the finest ram's sir
And every foot he had sir
That ever fed on hay

He had four feet ot walk sir
And he had four feet to stand
And every foot he had sir
Would cover and acre of land

 * Refrain

Now the butcher man that cut him down
Was washed away in the blood
And the little boy that filled the bowl
Was drowned away in the flood

 * Refrain
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