Bluegrass Songs - Clinch mountain blues

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Clinch mountain blues

Livin' up on top of the mountain
Livin' up where the hills are steep
Got no home, ain't got no place to sleep
Got no place to sleep

    Roll on, roll on, Clinch Mountains
    Roll on you old Clinch Mountain blues
    I can't lose these Clinch Mountain blues
    These Clinch Mountain blues

Goin' back to mother and daddy
Goin' back to see them both someday
When I'm there, it's there that I'll stay
There that I will stay

  * Refrain

Travellin' down this old rocky road
Travellin' down this road to wend my way
Back to the old folks and my home so gay
My home so gay

  * Refrain

Leavin' right now, yes, I'm leavin'
Packin' up clothes but I've none to pack
Leave these Clinch Mountains, and I ain't a-comin' back
I ain't a-coming back

  * Refrain

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