Bluegrass Songs - Chewing gum

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Chewing gum

Mama sent me to the spring, she told me not to stay
I fell in love with a pretty little girl, and could not get away

    Chewing chawin' gum, chawin' chewing gum
    Chawin' chewing gum, chweing chawin' gum

First she gave me peaches nice, next she gave me pears
And then she gave me fifty cents, and kissed me on the stairs

 * Refrain

I won't have a lawyer man, I'll tell you the reason why
Each time he opens up his mouth, he tells a great big lie

 * Refrain

I won't have a doctor man, I'll tell you the reason why
He rides the country over and he makes the people die

 * Refrain

I took my gal to the preacher, and what do you reckon she done
She walked up to that minister a-chawin' chewing gum

 * Refrain
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