Bluegrass Songs - Chattanooga Dog

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Chattanooga Dog

there's a fairground down in Chattanooga
Where a kiddie train runs up and down the track
There's an old black hound with his tongue hanging down
And he chases the train down the track

    I've been chasing you like a Chattanooga Dog
    Even tho' I know you don't care
    I've been chasing you like a Chattanooga Dog
    And it ain't a-gonna get me nowhere

I've been thinking that you're just like that old train
If anybody gets a ticket they can ride
I'm like that hound pup, I won't never give up
I'll do anythihg to sleep by your side

 * Refrain

Everyday when the kiddies come for playing
To ride that old kiddie train once more
There's an old faithful hound that always hangs around
And he runs 'til his feet get sore

 * Refrain
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