Bluegrass Songs - Brown eyed Kentucky girl

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Brown eyed Kentucky girl

I traveled to Kentucky to court a fair young girl
Whose eyes were of the darkest brown and her hair had a charming curl
She had the sweetest lips to kiss that I had ever found
And she made ne feel as if I was the only man around

    Some people think of horses when you talk of the Bluegrss State
    Others think their bourbon is what makes it so great
    But the reason that the Bluegrass State stands in my memory
    Is that brown eyed Kentucky girl
    She means so much to me

I remember very clearly,it was on a warm spring night
We declared wa loved each other and to marry would be right
It was a short time later in the month of July
Our lives were joined together, we were one, she and I

  * Refrain

Many years have come and gone since the day that we met
Our love has grown much storonger and it is growing yet
We have a happy home and children, we have three
We still enjoy each other, this Kentucky girl and me

  * Refrain

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