Bluegrass Songs - Berefoot Nellie

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Barefoot Nellie

Redheaded peckerwood, setting on a limb
Mama said chicken, but Nellie shot him
Rung his neck and picked him clean
The funniest chicken I've ever seen

    Hey! Barefoot Nellie, Ho! Barefoot Nellie
    Hey! Barefoot Nellie, you're the one for me

Nellie put on her Sunday dress
Thought that it would look the best
Made out of an old feed sack
Cow feed wrote on the back

  * Refrain

Nellie went to town one day
Riding on a load of hay
Sold a man a trip to Mars
Now she sits behind the bars

  * Refrain

Three leg hog walking cross the lot
Making three tracks and just one dot
Nellie said who do you think I am
That hog's missing about one ham

  * Refrain

Nellie's got a pair of shoes
She can wear them if she'll choose
So why the heck's she got the blues?
Who wants to wear size 22

  * Refrain
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