Bluegrass Songs - Beautiful blue eyed blonde

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Beautiful blue eyed blonde

I know a girl in Carolina, she's the sweetest girl in town
Big blue eyes that sparlke like dew drops on the ground
To meet her is to love her, she makes your heart grow fond
Heaven's not far above her, she's a beautiful blue eyed blonde

I met her in November, one cold and dreary day
She brought the sunshine with her, that's in my heart today
No need to say I love her, for she's like the day just dawned
She brightens the world with her laughter, she's a beautiful blue eyed blonde

If I had all the gold in the treasury, and all of the riches on earth
I would not trade my sweetheart, for I know just what she's worth
Her voice is like sweetmusic, she makes my heart grow fond
You'd love her if you'd see her, she's a beautiful blue eyed blonde

Every night I dream I'm near her, then I wake to sind she's away
But I hope someday we'll marry, and be together always
If all my dreams were realones, and after the day had dawned
I'd awake and find her near me, my beautiful blue eyed blonde
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