Bluegrass Songs - As long as the wind blows

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As long as the wind blows

No one can ever hold the wind
So don't waste your time a-holding on to me
Just let me love and I'll be gone again
For there's one thing little girl that you must see

    As long as the wind blows, as long as the river flows
    As long as train whistle screams
    As long as a wind goose flies, as the flood tides rise
    There's just no way of holding me

Me this chain gang can never hold
A man with such a wandering restless soul
Just turn your back and that's the last time that you will see
This old wandering boy from Tennessee

 * Refrain

Mama it's so good to be back home
It's not right for you and Papa to be here alone
But listen to that late evening train
Well I could of swore I heard it call my name

 * Refrain

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