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In the line of eight syllables, the last foot is necessarily a trochee, and therefore the seventh syllable accented ; but in the line of seven, the last syllable may be short; as:
And with godlike Diomed.
We do not find an iambic in the second or third foot of any authentic composition. In the first, it has obtained a place by the authority of Gray and others; it is nevertheless so harsh a violation of the regular foot as hardly to be approved of.
Anapeshc verse allows but few licences. One is a redundant syllable at the end of a line; another, an iambic, or spondee, in the first foot. And where the former of these is introduced, the other ought to be taken in the line next following, as in this example:
To invite the gods hither they would have had rea | son, And Jove | had descended each night in the season.
This rule, though but little attended to, is good and proper ; because the observance of it will keep the measure entire, which otherwise is sometimes overĀ­loaded, and produces a bad effect on the ear.
Prithee, pluck up a good resolution, To be cheerful and thankful in all.