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combination, its varieties in the second foot would be four times four, viz. sixteen, and so on ; but because, as has been said, two trochees cannot stand together, nor two pyrrhics, the varieties will not be so many ; yet they will amount to a much greater number than those of an hexameter.
And that this variety is not imaginary, but con­tinually employed by our poets, may be shown from any of their works. The same epistle of Pope, to which we have already had recourse, will afford the proof. The first two feet of each verse will be sufficient for the purpose, e.g. :
Two Iambics. And y6t ) the fate | of all extremes is such. Line 9.
Trochee and Iambic. Grant but | as ma | ny sorts of mind as moss. Line 18.
Spondee and Iambic. Quick whirls | and shifting eddies of our minds. Line 24.
Pyrrhic and Iambic. And in | the cun | ning truth itself s a lie. Line 68.
Pyrrhic and Spondee. Nor will I life'6 stream | for observation stay. Line 7.
Iambic and Spondee. We gr6w | m6re par | tial for the observer's sake. Line 12.
Trochee and Spondee. See the | same man | in vigour and the gout. Line 71.
Iambic and Pyrrhic. His prin | ciple | of action once explore. Line 27.