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POETIC LICENCES,                            127
In the 2nd foot. Anon, out of the earth a fabric huge.
In the T>rd foot. For one restraint, L6rds of the world besides
In the $th foot.
Abject and lost lay these, c6vering the flood.
The same verse will admit two trochaic feet, as:
II6v'ring on wing under the cope of hell.
Sm6te on him sore besides, vaulted with fire; *
but not a greater number; for the last foot cannot be a trochee ; neither can two trochees stand close together in one line; but different feet, as the sponĀ­dee and pyrrhic, may so stand; and all the three may be introduced into the same line, instead of iambics. The beginning of the third book of the Paradise Lost will afford examples :
* It is to be noted that in every one of these instances there is a pause immediately preceding the trochaic foot; the introduction of it without such a pause is always harsh; as
Of Eve, whose eye | darted | contagious fire.
Paradise Lost,
In some places so much so as to destroy the metre; and is therefore not to be approved, as
Burnt after them to the | bottom | less pit.
Shoots in | visi | ble virtue ev'n to the deep.