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40                                 ORTHOMETRY.
The rhythm of Trochaic verse has a distinctive flow from that of Iambic ; it is more sprightly and lively, and therefore suited for the dress of cheerful themes and the description of quick-moving action. Mil­ton's L'Allegro—the cheerful man—is written for the most part in this measure, while the sombre II Penseroso is mostly Iambic. It is often called the Tripping measure.
(a). Trochaic Monometer.
This one-foot verse is only met with mixed with longer verses, e.g :
Crying, Sighing, Whining, Pining, Is the lover's part.
Through all the mazes of the grove, Through all the mingling tracks I rove,
Full of grief and full of love.
(*). Trochaic Dimeter.
Rich the | treasure.
Sweet the | pleasure, Sweet is pleasure after pain.

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