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68                                    HIGGINS'S BALL.
Now, whin ready to start, how the people did stare! We had aich of us got something patent and rare; We made up our minds we the uitiou would stun, And arrived just in time as the ball had begun. There ould Higgins we saw in his new patent boots— (Spoken.) Bad li>ck to him 1 sure, his ould father, Barnej
Higgins, niver wore any thing but brogues— Quite busy a-tunin' the fiddles and flutes; And a group of musicians, all of the right sort, Whose noise and whose whims fill the room full of sport. #                              There was, etc.
Now th.e time had arrived for the ball to begin, And the music struck up such a terrible din I Wid ould Misthress H. at the top o' the dance, Each merry young couple did quickly advance. Och 1 thin, what wid treadin' on aich other's toes, And knockin' our heads against many a nose, Kickin' aich other's ankles, we welted the flure, While Higgius kept time wid the bar of the dure. (Spoken, by ould Higgins.) Hurrool lively, b'yesl See here, Patsey Molloy, if I catch you steppin' on the girls' skirts, I declare to my conscience I'll give you a welt across the head wid the bar of the durel
There was, etc,
Now things went on well till McGinniss the snob From me my young woman was tryin' to rob; Arrah, thin such a terrible fight did ensue I And the rest joinin' in, at aich other they flew. Peggy Murphy called Higgins "an ould drunken sot"—
(Spoken.) Divil's cure to him, so he wasl He'd dhrink
the Atlauthic Say dhry, if it was built of whiskey— Whin away at her head flew the big pratee-pot 1 My valor, for Peggy, I very soon shows, Jist by breakin' the bridge of ould Higgins's nose. (Spoken.) Sarves him right, the dirty blaggard!
There was, etc
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