Traditional Dance - Appalachian Clogging (Stepping)

A how-to-do-it tutorial by Rosie Davis

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Over the years I have been to many workshops and dance classes starting in the scholars class at the Carlton School of Dancing in Queens Drive, Liverpool, with Miss. Dorothy Wood, she was my teacher, friend and inspiration. I remember dancing on stage with her, I must have been nineteen or twenty and she in her late forties, we did the soft shoe shuffle to "Daisy Daisy" a routine I had seen her do when I was six or seven, I wished then that I would still be dancing at fifty and feel very privileged to be doing so.

Thanks to my family, Bernard, who encouraged me to dance Lancashire Clog and Rod who found Beverley Cotton's "Clog - in" instruction record from which I learned my first Appalachian steps in 1982, Mum who let me practice tap dancing on the kitchen floor quarry tiles and Dad who showed me how to clean them afterwards.

Thanks to Ira Bernstein, Penny Allen and family, Marie Beal, Sue Mills, Patsy Townend, Leo Shaw and all of the people who have given me opportunities to dance, give workshops or who have come to them.

Thanks to all the musicians and bands that I work with, and have worked with, for letting me dance, as well as sing and play as part of their stage shows.

Thanks to Caspar Cronk who showed me how to clog-and-slouch, and Clem Klaviski who made me dance till I dropped with his Lithuanian fiddling.

Thanks to Sandra Kerr for knitting me a tune and Janet Russell for testing out the tick tock method.

Thanks to Andy and Mike Preston for the music and encouraging me to take on this project.

Thanks to my daughters Emily and Kate for their support - being daughters of an addicted dogger isn't easy.

Thanks to Rick Townend who taught me so much about the music and co-ordinated the tape as well as teaching me to say Appalachia properly, perhaps you better try it too: "APPLE - AT - YA", so that they won't throw an apple at ya if you ever visit.

Rosie Davis



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