American Square Dances of The West
& Southwest - online instruction book

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164                                               American" Square Dances
backs to the center of the set, release hands with Corners and swing their Partners with a Two Hand Swing until the gentleĀ­men again have their backs to the center of the set. The gentleĀ­men dance to their Right Hand Ladies and swing them once around with a Waltz Swing, then Vrovienade their Right Hand Ladies around the set to the gentlemen's home place.
The call is repeated three more times with the Head Couples leading the dance and then four times with the Side Couples leading, eight changes in all. Note that four different types of swings are used in this dance: The Right Hand Swing (half around), the Left Forearm Swing (one-and-a-half times around), the Two Hand Swing, and the Waltz Swing, and that the gentlemen Promenade with their Right Hand Ladies on each change.
Introductory Call Eleven
Honor your Partners and Corners all,
Square your sets and listen to the call.
Ladies to the center and back to the bar,
Gents to the center and form a star, with a
Right Hand Cross and a "How do you do?"
Left hands back and "How are you?"
Swing your Partner with your right hand,
Then your Corner with your left,
Back to your Partner with your right hand,
Grand Right and Left and a Right and Left Grand.
Meet old Sal, meet old Sue,
Meet that girl with a run-down shoe, and
Promenade two by two,
Walk 'em home like you always do.