American Square Dances of The West
& Southwest - online instruction book

With Calls, instructions, diagrams, steps & sheet music

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of the West and Southwest
On the Corner with your left hand, a
Right to your Partner, Right and Left Grand.
Meet your Honey down the pike with a
Once and a Half, and treat 'em all alike.
Once and a Half and don't fall down,
Swing those pretty girls 'round and around
With the oak-post crook and the elbow hook,
The more you swing, the better you look.
Right to the buggy and left to the wheel,
Swing them all on the ball of your heel.
When you meet your own, you know what to do,
Promenade 'em two by two, and
Walk 'em home like you always do.
Promenade around the town,
When you get home just settle down.
Repeat the call with the Side Couples leading the dance.
This dance introduces the "Two Ladies Chain" and the "Four Ladies Chain." The First and Third Couples lead to the right and all dance the Right and Left Through with the couples they are facing, all couples wheeling around to face the same couples in exchanged positions, and repeat the Right and Left Through, wheeling around to again face the same couples.
The two ladies in each set of four dancers now cross to the opposite gentlemen, taking right hands with each other as they cross and giving left hands to the opposite gentlemen, who place their right hands at the ladies' backs and wheel them to again face the opposite couple. The ladies now cross back to their own Partners, taking right hands with the opposite lady and