American Square Dances of The West
& Southwest - online instruction book

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of the West and Southwest
wheeling in a "double star" formation, as is done in the "Texas Star."
Whenever any dancers are directed to dance around the outside of the set, either in a Promenade, or dancing singly, as in the movement of "Cut off six," or, "Split the ring," the stand­ing, inactive dancers step forward toward the center of the set as the active dancers pass behind them in their movement around the outside of the set. The inactive dancers move back to place as soon as the active dancers have passed behind them. This is not only good Square Dance manners and courtesy, but allows the active dancers to complete their movement in the allotted time, which they would not be able to do without rushing if forced to dance around the outside of the set with the inactive couples holding their positions, which will also, on a crowded jfloor, force the active dancers to crowd the adjoining sets. All square dance movements and figures must be executed within the limits of the set.
Whenever a dancer or a couple pass between two dancers of a couple, the standing or inactive couple separate from their Partners to allow the active dancer or dancers to pass between them, moving back to position as soon as the active dancers have passed through.
The most important rules of all to observe are: dance smoothly; dance easily; make certain by your own dancing that all in your set have as much fun as you would like to have; have consideration for all in your set, you are always dancing with one or more other dancers; dance the way the group you are visiting dance—watch the Home Folks and dance their way, not yours—they will dance your way when they visit you. And
-----HAVE FUN!