American Square Dances of The West
& Southwest - online instruction book

With Calls, instructions, diagrams, steps & sheet music

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The movements and basic figures of the Western and South­western Square Dance are presented here in detail for reference, study, and discussion. The figures and movements discussed here are also given in a brief, concise form in the dance descriptions and calls in Section Two of this book, adding one movement at a time to the progressive presentation in as few words as possible for clarity and understanding.
Use the descriptions given with the calls for the dancers on the floor. Use this part of the book off the floor.
The American Square Dance is made up of these movements and figures, just as the American Round Dance is composed from the basic steps of the Waltz, Schottische, Polka, Mazurka, and Two-step.
Each movement is described in detail, with the amount of musical time necessary for execution indicated. This timing will be found to be of particular value to the caller in using and phrasing calls not given here. There are very few printed calls which indicate the time value required by dancers, and a great many of the calls learned by "ear" will be found to be out of time and phrase, having been altered from the original call in transit.
These are the figures and movements of the Western Square Dance as developed and danced by the people. They are not individual ideas or techniques. They follow the tradition of ease, logic, and enjoyment.