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______________American Ballads and Folk Songs
Traveller: Well, you don't need to be so cross about it} I wasn't asking no improper questions at all!
Squatter: I reckon there's nobody cross here except yourself! (Plays first fart only?)
Traveller: How did your potatoes turn out here last year?
Squatter: They didn't turn out at all} we dug 'em out. {Plays first fart only.}
Traveller: Can I stay here all night?
Squatter: Yes, you kin stay right where you air, out en the road. {Plays first fart?)
Traveller: How far is it to the next tavern?
Squatter: I reckon it's upwards of some distance. {Plays first fart?)
Traveller: How long will it take to get there?
Squatter: You'll not git there at all, if ye stay here foolin' with me. {Plays first fart.)
Traveller: How far is it to the forks of the road?
Squatter: It ain't forked since I been here. {Plays.)
Traveller: Where does this road go to?
Squatter: It ain't gone anywhere since I been hereā€”jist stayed right here. {Plays.)
Traveller: Why don't you put a new roof on your house?
Squatter: Because it's rainin' and I can't. {Plays.)
Traveller: Why don't you do it when it is not raining?
Squatter: It don't leak then. {Plays.)
Traveller: Can I get across the branch down here?
Squatter: I reckon you kin, the ducks cross whenever they want to. {Plays.)
Traveller: Why don't you play the rest of the tune?
{The flayer stofs as quick as lightning?)
Squatter: Gee, stranger, can you play the rest of that tune? I've been down to New Orleans and I heard it at the theatre, and I've been at work at it ever since I got back, trying to get the last part of it. If