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American Ballads and Folk Songs
Take the ladies out at night- They shine so bright, They make the world light when the moon is out o£ sight.
And so one day as I was goin' a-spoonin'
I met Colonel Davy, and he was goin' a-coonin\
Says I, "Where's your gun?" "I ain' got none,"
"How you goin' kill a coon when you haven't got a gun?"
Says he, "Pompcalf, just follow after Davy, And he'll soon show you how to grin a coon crazy." I followed on a piece and thar sot a squirrel, A-settin' on a log and a-eatin' sheep sorrel.
When Davy did that see, he looked around at me, Saying, "All I want now is a brace agin your knee." And thar I braced a great big sinner. He grinned six times hard enough to git his dinner!
The critter on the log didn't seem to mind him— Jest kep' a-settin' thar and wouldn't look behind him. Then it was he said: "The critter must be dead. See the bark a-flyin' all around the critter's head?"
I walked right up the truth to disciver. Drot! It was a pine kriot so hard it made me shiver. Says he, "Pompcalf, don't you begin to laugh— I'll pin back your ears and bite you half in half!"
I flung down my gun and all my ammunition, Says I, "Davy Crockett, I can cool your ambition!" He throwed back his head and he blowed like a steamer. Says he, "Pompcalf, I'm a Tennessee screamer!"
Then we locked horns and we wallered in the thorns. I never had such a fight since the hour I was born. We fought a day and a night and then agreed to drop it. I was purty badly whipped—and so was Davy Crockett.
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