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American Ballads and Folk Songs
Chief Maloney got his men, an' he put dem roun' de town, "Nex' time you see Stagolee, be sho to shoot him down."
* * *
De hangman put de mask on, tied his han's behin' his back, Sprung de trap on Stagolee, but his neck refused to crack.
Hangman, he got frightened, he said: "Chief, you see how it be, I cain' hang this man, you better let him go free."
Chief Maloney said to de hangman, "Befo' I'd let him go alive—" He up wid his police special an' shot him six times in de side."
All de mans dey shouted, but de womens put on black an' mourned Dat de good man Stagolee has laid down, died, an' gone.
Dey come a-slippin' an' a-slidin' up an5 down de street, In deir big mother hubbards an' deir stockin' feet.
He had a three-hundred-dollar funeral and a thousand-dollar hearse, Satisfaction undertaker put him six feet under earth.
When de devil wife see Stack comin' she got up in a quirl,— "Here come dat bad nigger an' he's jus' from de udder worl'."
All de devil' little chillun went sc'amblin' up de wall, Say, "Catch him, pappa, befo' he kill us all."
Stack he tol' de devil, "Come on, le's have a lil fun,
You stick me wid yo' pitchfork an' I'll shoot you wid my 41."
Stagolee say, "Now, now, Mister Devil, ef me an' you gonna have
some fun, You play de cornet, Black Betty beat de drum."
Stagolee took de pitchfork an' he laid it on de shelf— "Stand back, Tom Devil, I'm gonna rule Hell by myself."