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American Ballads and Folk Songs
"Mama, mama, oh, mama, you sho ain't talkin' to me, He killed po' papa, now you gonna let him kill me."
It was early one mornin', Stagolee looked at de clouds an' say, "Baby, it look mighty cloudy, it mus' be my jedgment day."
Chief Maloney tol' his deputies: "Git yo' rifles an' come wid me, We got to arres' dat bad nigger, Stagolee."
Oh, de deputies took dey shiny badges, an' dey laid 'em on de shelf, "Ef you wants dat nigger, go git him by yo' own damn self."
Slowly Chief Maloney, he walked to de barroom door, Po' Stagolee was drunk an' layin' on de barroom floor.
Chief Maloney said to de bartender, "Who kin dat drunk man be?" "Speak softly," said de bartender. "It's dat bad nigger Stagolee."
Chief Maloney touch Stack on de shoulder, say, "Stack, why don'
you run?" "I don't run, white folks, when I got my 41."
Stagolee, he tried to get up, staggered, pulled his pistol, could not
get it out 5 Chief Maloney pulled his pistol, shot de po' boy in de mouth.
Stagolee,he went runnin' an' st'agglin' down Dumaine Street, Boy, don' you know de blood was runnin' from his head down to his feet.
De jedge, he found Stack guilty, de clerk, he wrote it down, Nex' col' winter mornin' Stack was Angola bound.
It was early one mornin', one bright summer day,
Chief Maloney 'ceived a wireless—Stack had runned away.