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American Ballads and Folk Songs
Cap'n, cap'n, what's de matter wid you?
Ef you got any Battle-Ax, please, suh, give me a chew.
Oh, Lawd, dat been my woman cry, eh Lawd, Go way, Eadie, quit worryin' my min'.
Lawd, a brown-skin woman wear my watch an' chain, But a jet-black woman, um-m Lawd, cain' call my name.
Lawd, a brown-skin woman get anything I got, But a jet-black woman cain' come in my back yard.
Heered a mighty rumblin' down 'bout de water trough, Mus' been de skinner whoppin' hell out de walkin' boss.
Cap'n got a 44 an' he try to play bad, Take it dis mornin' ef he make me mad.
Cap'n, cap'n, will you sen' me some water? Ain' had none since dis long mornin'.
Lawd, de cap'n call me an' I answered, "Suh." "Ef you ain' gonna work, what you come here full?"
This time, this time another year, I may be rollin', but it won' be here.
Cap'n, cap'n, doncha think it's mighty hard? Work me all day on 'lasses an' lard, oh, Lawd.
I ask de cap'n what time o' day, He look at me, an' he walk away.
I'd ruther be a nigger an' plow ol' Beck, Dan a white hill-billy wid a long red neck.
I got a clock in my stomach an' a watch in my head, I'm a-gettin' superstitious 'bout my hog an' bread.