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To Mrs. Janice Reed Lit of Haverford, Pennsylvania, whose help­fulness in many ways has been constant since the book was first definitely planned; to Professors Howard W. Odum, Guy Johnson, and A. P. Hudson, all of the University of North Carolina, that is, along with near-by Duke University, the folk song collecting center of the South; to Professor Arthur G. Brodeur of the University of California; to Professor Joseph W. Clokey of Pomona College; to Frank Dobie of the University of Texas; to Professor E. C. Beck, Central State Teachers College, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan; to Louise and Cletus Oakley of Brown University; to Professor Lucy Lockwood Hazard of Mills College; to "Slim" Critchlow, Forest Ranger and soloist for the Utah Buckaroos; to Dean L. B. R. Briggs of Harvard University; to Professors Josiah Combs and Newton Gaines of Texas Christian University; to Professor George E. Hastings of the Uni­versity of Arkansas; to Sigmund Spaeth, New York City; to Pro­fessor George Pullen Jackson, Vanderbilt University; to Sam P-Bayard, State College, Pennsylvania; to Mr. H. H. Fuson, Harlan, Kentucky; to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Callaway, Comanche, Texas; to Carl Sandburg, Harbert, Michigan; to Professor and Mrs. Harold William Thompson, New York State College for Teachers; to Miss Dorothy Scarborough, Columbia University; to Major and Mrs. Isaac Spalding, Washington, D. C; to Professor H. M. Belden, University of Missouri; to John A. Lomax, Jr.; to Miss Martha Harrold, Memphis, Tennessee; to John Lang Sinclair, New York City; to Shirley Lomax Mansell and Bess Brown Lomax, Lubbock, Texas— to all these, special thanks are due for special favors.

Along with these in point of service I must place that group of Negro "boys'* who this summer, cheerfully and with such manifest friendliness, gave up for the time their crap and card games, their prayer meetings, their much needed Sunday and evening rest, in order to sing for Alan and me—that group whose real names we omit for no other reason than to print the substituted picturesque nicknames. Those black "boys" of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee by their singing removed any doubt we may have had that Negro folk songs are without a rival in the United States, To Iron Head, Clear Rock, Chin Shooter, Lead Belly, Mexico, Black Samson, Lightning Can't Make It, Butter Ball, Ing Shing, Scrap Iron, Bowlegs, Tight Eyes, Double Head, Bull Face, Log Wagon, Creepin' Jesus, Long Distance, Burn Down, Steam Shovel, Rat, Black Rider, Barrel House, Spark Plug, to two "girls," Dink and Bat, and others who helped without giving their names, and to many another among the thousands we saw, in happy memory tinged with sadness, I offer grateful thanks.

As this book represents twenty-five years of desultory collecting, I cannot but fail to omit to mention names that should be included in the list to whom is also due, and who herewith receive, my gratitude: Miss Virginia Brown, Dallas, Texas; Joanna Colcord, author of Roll and Go; Professor John H. Cox, University of West Virginia; Professor Frank Davidson, Indiana University; Captain A. E. Dingle, West Bermuda; Professor Horace A. Eaton, Syracuse University; Professor Milton Ellis, University of Maine; Captain R* J. Flanagan, Manager of Central State Farm, Texas; Colonel Frederick Stuart Greene, Commissioner of Public Works, Albany, New York; Judge Louis B- Hart, Buffalo, New York; Harvard University Press, Cam­bridge, Massachusetts; Superintendent R. L. Himes, General Manager Louisiana prison system; Captain H, J, Jackson, Manager Darring-ton State Farm, Texas; George Milburn, formerly of the Univer­sity of Oklahoma; Professor and Mrs, George M. Miller, Univer­sity of Idaho; Bertha K. Millette, Washington, D. C; John J. Niles, co-author Songs My Mother Never Taught Me; Miss Mary Elizabeth Barnicle, New York University; Professor L* W, Payne, University of Texas; F. E, Peyton, Greenwich, Connecticut; Miss Louise Pound, University of Nebraska; Allen Prothro, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Augustus H, Shearer, Buffalo, New York; Frank Shay, author of Drawn from the Wood, Provincetown, Massachusetts; Peter Smith, publisher, New York; Manager O. G. Tann, Parchman, Mississippi; Professor W. H. Thomas, College Station, Texas; Henry Trevelyan, Wiergate, Texas; Professor R. P. Utter, University of California; R. V. Utter, Clayton, Missouri; John T. Vance, Library of Congress; Stewart Edward White; Professor Newman I. White, Duke Uni­versity; Owen Wister, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; Professor Homer E. Woodbridge, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut; Miss Louise Wyman, author of Lonesome Tunes; Miss Jean Thomas, author of Devil's Ditties, Ashland, Kentucky.

J. A. L.