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The Sources & Factors Influential In Forming America's Music.

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The National Music of America. 215
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At last a British shot struck the bulwarks, killing two sailors and wounding several. Lieutenant Morris ran at once to report, but to his eager question, " Shall we return the fire?" Hull replied, calmly, "Not yet, sir." Finally, the Constitution was about forty yards to starboard of the Guerrifre, and in a position to deliver a telling broadside. At once Hull threw aside his calm manner, and yelled, " Now, boys, pour it into them!" That his calmness had been assumed and that his enthusiasm was now unbounded, may be proved by a very odd incident. Hull was a stout man, and he had dressed himself in the fashion­able tight breeches of the period; as he shouted his command, he bent twice, almost to the deck, in intense excitement;
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