The National Music of America - online book

The Sources & Factors Influential In Forming America's Music.

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The National Music of America. 189
While, with patriot pride,
To our.Laws we're allied, No foe can fubdue us—"ho faction divide. For ne'er Jhallthefons o/'Columbia bejlavest While the earth bears a plant, orjhe fea rolls its waves*
Our mountains are crown'd with imperial Oak,
Whofe./i?o/j, hike our Liberties, ages have nourifh'd But long ere our nation fubmits to the yoke, Not a tree fhall be left on the field where it flourifli'd. Should invafion impend, Every grove would defcend From the hill tops they (haded, our Jkores to defend, For ne'er Jhall thefons of Columbia beflaves, While the earth bears a plant, or the fea rolls its waves.
Let our Patriots deftroy Anarch's peftilcnt worm, Left our Liberty's growth fhould be check'd by corro-Jion; Then let clouds thicken round us, we heed not the ftorm ; Our realm fears no Jhoik, but the earth's own explo. (ion.
Foes aiTail us in vain, Though their fleets bridge the main, Tor our altars and lazos with our lives we'll main* tain ! And ne'er jhall thefons of-Columbia befavts, WhiU.the earth bears a plant, or the fea rolls its waves*
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