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The Sources & Factors Influential In Forming America's Music.

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108 The National Music of America.
ancient scale of five notes only; Burns em­bellished the old words with a few earnest additions, and the song belongs no longer to Scotland alone, but has become the voice of friendship and loyalty the whole world over. In similar manner a song composed for a single army corps has become the universal cry of liberty in patriotic struggles every­where.
The " Marseillaise " was not, at its incep­tion, intended for the Marseilles patriots. It was composed during that early epoch of the Revolution when France seemed to strive only for the rights of man, and appeared as the foe of all tyrants. It was written before liberty degenerated into license and at the time when true-hearted Frenchmen were rushing forth to meet their enemies who were springing up on every hand. Rouget de l'lsle was in Strasburg as the army of the lower Rhine was making itself ready to depart for the war. Moved by the stirring
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