Afro-American Folksongs - online book

A Study In Racial And National Music, With Sample Sheet Music & Lyrics.

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2. Mo courri dans youn bois voisin, Mais Criole li prend meme ci min, Et tous tans li m'ape dire, "Vini, zamie, pou' nous rire." "Non, Miche, m'pas oule rire moin, NonTMiche, m'pas oule rire."
3. Mais li te tant dcane moi, Pou li te quitte mpin youn fois Mo tS 'blize pou' li dire, "Oui, Miche, mo oule rire. Oui, Miche, mo oule rire moin, Oui, Miche, mo oule rire."
4. Zaut tous qu'ap'es rire moin la-bas Si zaut te conne Candjo la, Qui belle facon li pou' rire. Die pini moin! zaut s're dire, "Oui, Miche, mo oule rire moin, Oui, Miche, mo oule rire."
2. (I go teck walk in wood close by, But Creole teck same road and try All time all time to meek free— "Swithawt, meek merrie wid me." "Naw, sah, I dawn't want meek merrie, i Naw, sah, I dawn't want meek merrie."
3. But him slide 'round an 'round dis chile, Tell, jis fo' sheck 'im off lill while Me, I was bleedze fo' say: "Shoo! If I'll meek merrie wid you? 0, yass, I ziss leave meek merrie, me, Yass, sah, I ziss leave meek merrie."
4. You-alls wat laugh at me so well, I wish vou'd knowed dat Creole swell, Wid all 'is swit, smilin' trick. 'Pon my soull you'd done say, quick, "0, yass, I ziss leave meek merrie, me. Yass, sah, I ziss leave meek merrie.")
The melody as written down by Mr. W. Macrum of Pittsburgh; English paraphrase by George W. Cable, used by his permission and that of The Cen­tury Company. A note to the author from Lafcadio Hearn {who, at that time, was a resident of New Orleans), says: "My quadroon neighbor, Mam-zelle Eglantine, tells me that the word koundjo (in the West Indies Candio or Candjo) refers to an old African dance which used to be danced with drums. The'Cnole Candjo' is, therefore, a sort of nigger Creole dandy who charms and cajoles women by his dancing—what the French would call un beau valseur"
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