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A Study In Racial And National Music, With Sample Sheet Music & Lyrics.

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Chapter L Folksongs in General                                               1
The Characteristics of Folksongs.—Folksongs De­fined.—Creative Influences.—Folksong and Suffering. —Modes, Rhythms and Scales.—Russian and Finnish Music.—Persistency of Type.—Music and Racial Ties. —Britons and Bretons.
Chapter n. Songs of the American Slaves                              11
— Originality of the Afro-American Folksongs.—Dr. Wallaschek and His Contention.—Extent of the Imi­tation in the Songs.—Allusions to Slavery.—How the Songs Grew.—Are They Entitled to be Called Ameri­can.—The Negro in American History.
Chapter HI. Religious Character of the Songs                      26
The Paucity of Secular Songs among the Slaves.— Campmeetings, "Spirituals" and "Shouts."—Work-Songs of the Fields and Rivers.—Lafcadio Hearn and Negro Music.—African Relics and Voodoo Ceremonies.
Chapter IV. Modal Characteristics of the Songs                   42
An Analysis of Half a Thousand Negro Songs.— Division as to Modes.—Overwhelming Prevalence of Major.—Psychology of the Phenomenon.—Music as a Stimulus to Work.—Songs of the Fieldhands and Rowers.
Chapter V. Music Among the Africans                                   56
The Many and Varied Kinds of African Slaves.— Not All Negroes.—Their Aptitude and Love for Music. —Knowledge and Use of Harmony.—Dahomans at Chicago.—Rhythm and Drumming.—African Instru­ments.
Chapter VI. Variations from the Major Scale                       70
Peculiarities of Negro Singing.—Vagueness of Pitch in Certain Intervals.—Fractional Tones in Primitive Music.—The Pentatonic Scale.—The Flat Seventh.— Harmonization of Negro Melodies.
Chapter VII. Minor Variations and Characteristic Rhythms 83
Vagaries in the Minor Scale.—The Sharp Sixth.— Orientalism.—The "Scotch" Snap.—A Note on the Tango Dance.—Even and Uneven Measures.—Ad­justing Words and Music,
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