A Book Of Five Strings - online tutorial

Strategies for mastering the art of old time banjo.

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Example Five
Slides are not a one-way deal. In this example we are sliding on the fourth string at the fourth fret to the second fret. The other thing to note in this example is that in addition to the slide we are also playing single notes and a hammer-on through a chord progression. The count is 1& 2 3& 4, 1 2 3& 4&, 1 2& 3 4&.
Double Thumb
Hammer-on's, pull-off's and slides are fretting hand techniques that split quarter notes into eighth notes. Double thumb is a picking hand technique used to split notes.
The technique itself is pretty easy but the timing can be difficult if you haven't spent enough time working with the basic frailing strum.
Example One
In this first tab we have a simple quarter note lick similar to what we were working on at the beginning of this chapter. The count here is 1 2 3 4&, 1 2 3 4&.
No problem, right?
What we are going to do now is pluck the fifth string with our thumb after the first two single notes in each measure. This is easy enough because our thumb, if we are using the proper basic frailing technique, is riding right on the fifth string.
The count is now 1& 2& 3 4&, 1& 2& 3 4&. Let's take a closer look at what's going on.