A Book Of Five Strings - online tutorial

Strategies for mastering the art of old time banjo.

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Cripple Creek 4/4 Time Key of G
All we are doing here is playing a simple frailing strum along with a chord progression while singing the lyrics.
That's easy to say , but in practice this can be a real challenge because your frailing strum, rhythm, chord changes and singing have to be right on the money. There is no time to think about what you are doing or to remember anything.
That's why the basic skills we looked at earlier are so important. If you put the effort into getting the frailing strum down and keeping a steady rhythm through the chord changes you can look at this tab for "Cripple Creek" and start playing and singing without a lot of fuss.
And right about now the odds are pretty good that you are saying to yourself, "But I can't sing!"
Yeah, you can sing. Anybody with a voice can sing. The trick is to relax and actually allow yourself to sing. Most of the problems that people have with singing revolve around the fact that they get so uptight about what people might think that they tense up. Once that happens they can't even play so singing goes out the window.
Just sing. You won't sound like a professional vocalist at first, but that's because you haven't had a lot of time to work with your voice just yet. It's like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it.