The Modern Ukulele Method Online Instructor for Beginners and Advanced Students Page: 105

An Illustrated Uke tutorial with Songs, Sheet Music & Chords by May Singhi Breen
(the original Ukulele Lady).

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It is not necessary to be a'trained musician in order to play the Ukulele.
A visual diagram system is used for those who do not read music. But for
those who wish to read music, we are including this short chapter dealing with
the rudiments of music.
The Staff upon which music is written consists of five horizontal, parallel
lines and the four spaces between them.
When tones higher or lower than those on the staff are needed, short lines,
called "leger" lines, are used above or below the staff.
Notes Musical sounds are represented by characters called notes. They
indicate sounds and their duration, and are written on the lines or in the
spaces of the staff.
Ukulele music is always written in the Treble Clef. This sign establishes
the note "G" on the second line of the Staff, and from it, all other notes either
higher or lower in pitch are determined. The first seven letters of the alphabet
are used for naming the lines and spaces. Therefore, when we have used
those seven letters in a consecutive series of sounds and wish to continue the
series, we must repeat from the first letter of the series and continue as before.
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