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A simple self learning tutor for the Ukulele and Ukulele-Banjo with diagrams, tuning instruction, song folio, chord diagrams, and sheet music inc PDF for printing.

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Strumming is the most general style of playing adopted and
is the most suitable one for song accompaniments. It is essential
to thoroughly master this before proceeding.
It consists in moving the tip of the R.H. first finger rapidly
downwards and upwards across the four strings, so as to produce
an almost continuous sound.
For the downward stroke the tip of the first finger nail
comes in contact with the strings.
For the upward stroke the fleshy part of the same finger
sweeps the strings.
In performing these movements, hold the fore-arm still,
getting the action from the wrist, and taking the greatest care to
hold the hand loosely from the wrist and avoid any stiffening. Also
see that the centre tip of the nail only, comes in contact with the
strings on the down stroke, and not the sides.
Practice till all twanginess is got rid of and a mellow full
tone is obtained.
Make the movements slowly at first, increasing in speed
as facility combined with looseness is obtained.
Some teachers recommend using a felt pick, which can be obtained at
any music store, in place of the finger for " strumming," but more variety of
stroke can be obtained later, therefore we advise cultivating the use of the
finger, though the felt pick may seem easier at first.
When some progress has been made with the "strumming-"
stroke, turn to the next subject "Fingering," after which it will
be easy to learn the few chords that are most generally useful,
and acquaintance with which, will enable the player to accom-
pany many songs of a simple character.
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