Folk & Traditional Music of the Western Continents

The folk & traditional music of Europe, Africa & the Americas explored.

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Ronald Press, 1950). The most comprehensive collection of British ballad tunes, because it reprints the tunes in many other important col­lections, is Bertrand H. Bronson, The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1958-), to be com­pleted in four volumes. Bronson's article, "About the Commonest British Ballads" J-1FMC, IX (1957), 22-27, is important reading. Donal J. O'Sullivan, Songs of the Irish (New York: Crown Publishers, 1960) is a standard collection.
A short survey, with examples, of Dutch folk music is Jaap Kunst, "On Dutch Folk Dances and Dance Tunes," Studies in Ethnomusicol-°&y-> I (1961), 29-37. For Norwegian folk music, a monumental set of volumes covering the entire repertory is being published under Olav Gurvin, Norwegian Folk Music (Olso: Oslo University Press, 1958-).
An interesting collection of Danish folk music collected from one informant is Nils Schi0rring, Sehna Nielsens Viser (Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1956). Many collections of German folk music are availa­ble. A classic is Ludwig Erk and Franz Magnus Boehme, Deutscher Liederhort (Leipzig, 1893-1894, reprinted by Olms, Hildesheim, 1962). A more recent publication, still incomplete, but with comprehensive notes, is Deutsche Volkslieder wit ihren Melodien, edited by John Meier and others (Freiburg: Deutsches Volksliedarchiv, 1935-). Many publications by German scholars on German folk song are worth read­ing; those by Walter Wiora and Erich Stockmann are particularly to be noted. In the field of musical instruments, Stig Walin, Die schtuedische Hummel (Stockholm: Nordiska Museet, 1952) is an excel­lent, profusely illustrated study of the Swedish dulcimer.
The number of records of British folk song, both field collections and artistic interpretations, is enormous. To be mentioned especially is a set of Child ballads produced by British traditional singers A. L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColI for class and other educational use, English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Washington Records 715-723. Also worth hearing are Sussex Folk Songs and Ballads, edited by Kenneth Gold­stein, Folkways FG 3515; Songs and Pipes of the Hebrides, Folkways P 430; The Art of the Bagpipe (with elaborate annotations), Folk-Lyric Records FL 112; and, as a selection of Gaelic songs, Songs of Aran, Folkways P 1002.
Songs and Dances of Holland, Folkways 3576, and Songs and Dances of Norway, Folkways FE 4008, are both educational and enter­taining selections. For German folk song, a set produced by the famous Freiburg archive is to be recommended: Deutsche Volkslieder, Deutsche Grammophongesellschaft 004-157 to 004-160 (2 disks), with a pamphlet giving texts, notes, and complete transcriptions.

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