The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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ADDENDA                                     433
In another version called " Georgina " one player selected to
act as Georgina kneels down against a wall, and the others
stand round to conceal her. Two go apart to act as callers,
while another stands near the group as mother. The callers
come forward and say—
We came to see Georgina, &c.
And how is she to-day ?
She's upstairs washing, &c,
And you can't see her to-day.
Farewell, ladies.
They then retire, but return in a little while, and put the
question as before. She is then " starching," said as above;
and next time she is "ironing," the fourth time the mother's
answer is, "She fell downstairs and broke her arm, and
you can't see her to-day;" the fifth time, "Two doctors are
at her;" the sixth, she is " worse;" and the seventh, she is
"dead." The two callers remain when this reply is given. At
this point Georgina makes a noise by rapping two stones
together. The two at once exclaim, " Oh! mother, mother,
what's that knocking ? " and she answers, " The coach going
by." The knocking is repeated, and the question, and she
says, " The wall falling down." On the knocking being heard
a third time, she tells them to " take a candle and look." They
pretend to do so, and " Georgina" starts up to chase them.
They all run off shouting, " The Ghost." — Strichen and
Fochabers (Rev. Dr. Gregor).
I came to see Georgina, Georgina, Georgina,
I came to see Georgina, and how is she to-day ?
She's upstairs ironing.
I came to see Georgina, &c. (as above).
She fell downstairs and broke her muckle toe.
I'm very sorry to hear that, &c.
She's dead.
Bad news, bad news, bad news to-day.
What shall we dress her in ? &c.
Dress her in red.
Red is for the soldier, and that won't do, &c.
What shall we dress her in ? &c. VOL. II.                                                                                2 E

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