The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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either join hands in a ring or sit upon the ground on their knees. The outside player goes round the circle three times, first saying "Black Doggie winna tack you, nor you." Then she goes round again and drops the handkerchief behind any one she pleases. She then runs and is pursued until caught, the other child following Black Doggie in and out wherever she goes.
Bonnet Ridgie. ["Scots and English," vol. ii. pp. 183-184.]
Players are chosen alternately by two chiefs. The line is drawn between the two sides, and the caps of each side are placed on the ground at each of the ends. When the two sides are ranged, the players try to catch and pull each other across the line. If one is pulled across he is called a u slink," and must stand till he is set at liberty by one of his own side crossing the line and touching him. If this one manages to touch him before he is crowned, z.e.t has the crowrn of his head touched by one of his opponents, and if he is able to regain his own side before the same operation takes place, both are free. Each player watches an opportunity to gather up the caps of the opposing side. If one is clever and swift enough to reach the caps and gather them all before he is crow7ned, his side wins.óDyke School (Rev. Dr. Gregor.)
Button, The. [" Diamond Ring," vol. i. p. 96 ; " Forfeits," p. 137 ; "Wads and the Wears," vol. i. pp. 327-8.] Played as " Diamond Ring," except that all sit round the fire, one man takes a button, puts it between his two hands, and goes round to each of the other players, who have their two hands held out, palms together, saying, " Don't tell what you got," and quietly dropping the button into one player's hands. He then asks the first man, saying, " Who has the button ? " One player is named. The master of the game says then " What forfeit will you give me that he has it ? " The player gives a forfeit. So on all round, every one guessing and giving a forfeit (including he who holds the button, who, of course, keeps his secret). When all the forfeits are in the master says, "Button, button, show, and let all fools know;" then those who

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