The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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by Brogden (Lincolnshire Provincial Words), and Tiggy in Addy's Sheffield Glossary.
Also pla)'ed in another way. One tree or piece of wood was selected for " Home," and the players darted out from this say­ing, "Ticky, Ticky Touchwood," then running back to the tree and touching it before Ticky caught them. " Parley " or " fainits " were the words called out when exempt.—London (A. B. Gomme).
It is also described in Patterson's Antrim and Down Glossary.
A game in which one player touches another, then runs off to be pursued and touched in turn.
Mr. Addy says, " Children tig each other when they leave school, and there is a rivalry among them to get the last tig. After a boy has said tig-poison, he is not to be ' tigged' again." Brockett says: "Tig, a slight touch (as a mode of salutation), a play among children on separating for the night, in which every one endeavours to get the last touch; called also Last Bat."—Brockett's NortJi Country Words, and consult Dickinson (Cumberland Glossary), also Jamieson. A boys' game, in which the player scores by touching one who runs before him. —Stead's Holderness Glossary. A play among children when separating for the night.—Willan's Dialect Words of West Riding of Yorks. Called also "Touch" and "Tigga Tiggy," in East and West Cornwall; (Courtney and Couch), also Patter­son's A ntrim and Down Glossary.
See "Canlie," " Cross Tig."
The players stand in a line. Two are chosen, who stand apart, and fix on any hour, as one, two, three, &c., or any half-hour. A nestie is marked off at some distance from the row of players. One of the two goes in front of the line of players, and beginning at one end asks each the hour. This is done till the hour fixed on between the two is guessed. The one that makes the right guess runs to catch the other of the two that fixed the hour, and she makes off to the " nestie." If she is caught she goes to the line of players, and the one that

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