The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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Shame Reel, or Shamit Dance
In several counties of Scotland this was the name of the first dance after the celebration of marriages. It was performed by the bride and best man and the bridegroom and best maid. The bride's partner asked what was to be the "sham spring," and she commonly answered, " Through the world will I gang wi' the lad that lo'es me," which, on being communicated to the fiddlers, was struck up, and the dance went on somewhat punctiliously, while the guests looked on in silence, and greeted the close with applause. This dance was common in Forfar­shire twenty years ago.—Jamieson's Dictionary.
See "Cushion Dance," " Salmon Fishers."
She Said, and She Said
This game requires two confederates; one leaves the room, and the other in the secret asks a player in the room to whisper to him whom she (or he) loved ; he then calls in his com­panion, and the following dialogue is carried on :—
" She said, and she said! And what did she say ? "
"She said that she loved."
" And whom did she love ? Suppose she said she loved------? "
" No ! she never said that, whatever she said." An indefinite number of names are mentioned before the right one. When that came, to the surprise of the whisperer, the answer is—
"Yes! she said that." The secret was very simple; the name of a widow or widower known to both players was always given before that wThispered. —Cornwall (Folk-lore Journal, v. 50).
Shepherd and Sheep
Children choose, by "counting out," or otherwise, a Shep­herd and a Wolf (or Mother Sheep, and Wolf). The Wolt goes away, and the rest of the players are the Sheep (or Lambs) and stand in a row. The Shepherd counts them—Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, &c. Then—
Shepherd—"What shall I bring home for you for dinner, Sunday, I'm going to market ? "

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