The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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182                  SAVE ALL—SCOTCH-HOPPERS
a rope's ending, and on shore an equivalent process.—Moor's Suffolk Words and Phrases.
Save All
Two sides are chosen in this game. An even number of boys, say eight on each side. Half of these run out of the line, and are chased by half of the boys from the other side. If two out of four get M home" to door or lamp-post, they save all the prisoners which have been made; if two out of four are caught before the others get " home," the side catch­ing them beats.—Deptford (Miss Chase).
Say Girl
A game undescribed, recorded by the Rev. S. D. Headlam as played by some Hoxton school children.—Church Reformer, 1894.
A paper-knife, or thin slip of wood, is placed by one player on his open palm. Another takes it up quickly, and tries to " scat" his opponent's hand before he can draw it away. Sometimes a feint of taking the paper-knife is made three or four times before it is really done. When the " scat" is given, the " scatter " in his turn rests the knife on his palm. Scat is the Cornish for "slap."—Folk-lore Journal, v. 50.
Scop-peril, or Scoperel
Name for teetotum ordinarily manufactured by sticking a pointed peg through a bone button.—Easther's Almondbury Glossary ; also in SW. Lincolnshire, Cole's Glossary.
See "Totum."
In Poor Robin's Almanack for 1677, m tne verses to the reader, on the back of the title-page, concerning the chief matters in the volume, among many other articles of intelli­gence, the author professes to show— "The time when school boys should play at Scotch-hoppers."
Another allusion occurs in the same periodical for 1707— " Lawyers and Physitians have little to do this month, and therefore they may (if they will) play at Scotch-hoppers. Some

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