The Traditional Children's Games of England Scotland
& Ireland In Dictionary Form - Volume 2

With Tunes(sheet music), Singing-rhymes(lyrics), Methods Of Playing with diagrams and illustrations.

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See " Stag Warning."
Rakes and Roans
A boys' game, in which the younger ones are chased by the larger boys, and when caught carried home pick-a-back.— H alii well's Dictionary.
Moor (Suffolk Words and Phrases) says this game is often called " Rakes" only, and is the same, probably, that is thus alluded to: " To play Reaks, to domineer, to show mad pranks." The jest of it is to be carried home a pig-back, by the less swift wight who you may catch.
A game among boys [undescribed].—Dickinson's Cumber­land Glossary.
Range the Bus
Sides are chosen, and a line made across the playground. One of the sides goes up and the other goes down, and throws their bonnets on the ground. Then one side tries to get one of the opposite side across the line and crown him, and one of the opposite side tries to crown him back. If another boy can catch this player before he gets near him, he is crowned also. All the time the one side is trying to take the bonnets.— Old Aberdeen (Rev. W. Gregor).
See " French and English," " Scotch and English."
Rax, or Raxie-boxie, King of Scotland
The players, except one, take their stand at one side, and one stands at the other side in front of them. When all are ready, the one in front calls out " Cock," or " Caron," when all rush across to the other side, and he tries to catch one of them in crossing. The one caught helps to catch the others as they run back. Each time the players run from the one side to the other the word "Cock," or " Caron," is called out, and the change is continued till all are caught—each one as caught becoming a catcher. In Tyrie the game is called u Dyke King " when played by boys, and " Queen" when played by girls.

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