Southern War Songs Camp-Fire, Patriotic & Sentimental

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Hark! the tocsin is sounding-, my comrades;
Bind your knapsacks—away let us go, Where the flag of the freeman is waving—
March to vanquish the ruffian foe !
Chorus.—Ho for Liberty! Freedom or death, boys, That's the watchword, away let us go To the sound of the drum and the bugle, March to vanquish the ruffian foe.*
Farewell to the scenes of my childhood, To my mother, who 's praying for me;
She would weep if the son of her bosom From the face of a foeman should flee.
Farewell to the home and the hearthstone, Where my sisters are weeping for me ;
Oh, the foot of the spoilers shall never, Stain the home of the brave and the free.
* The chorus is sung to the second part of the air, excepting after the fifth and sixth verses.

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